Research data

The HSRC Research Data Service provides a digital repository facility for the HSRC's research data in support of evidence based human and social development in South Africa and the broader region. Access to data is dependent on ethical requirements for protecting research participants, as well as on legal agreements with the owners, funders or in the case of data owned by the HSRC, the requirements of the depositors of the data. We facilitate data use by preparing comprehensive metadata and disseminating data and related documents to appropriate target audiences. Data sharing is subject to an End User License agreement. Data sets from the following projects have been curated and are available for use:

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2021 The repositioning of the HSRC to support educational change in post-apartheid South Africa

The dawn of democracy in South Africa following the 1994 general elections and the formation of a democratic government preceded changes to ...

2021 The role of institutions in social housing provision: salutary lessons from the South

This paper examines third sector social housing in early post-apartheid South Africa, hence offering important new insights into how institu...

2021 Homeland manifestations: a postapartheid denigration of social cohesion

This volume of essays is a reflection on social memory as a force for social and economic transformation. Written by scholars and organic in...