A critical review of the state of food and nutrition security in South Africa

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This South Africa Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) status report was prepared for the National Development Agency (NDA) as part of the NDA's legislative mandate to conduct research and publish research outputs that can inform development policy in the country. The NDA identifies FNS as a cause and consequence of poverty and inequality - two of the enduring development challenges in South Africa. The overarching aim of this FNS status report is to inform policy debates and provide options for enhancing food and nutrition security programmes in the country. In essence, the report offers a descriptive snapshot of the state of FNS in the country to pave way for further deeper analytical investigations. Through a comprehensive review of published and grey literature, FNS-related policy documents, and datasets emanating from tools commonly used to understand the status of FNS in the country; the report sought to address the following three broad objectives: (a) describing the challenges, successes, institutional and policy arrangements associated with the food availability, food access and food utilisation dimensions of FNS in South Africa; (b) comparing and contrasting South Africa's FNS experience with how other countries in Africa and internationally have approached FNS as part of their developmental programmes; and (c) describing trends and drivers of FNS in South Africa and providing recommendations on how the country can reduce and/or deal with food and nutrition insecurity within National Development Plan timelines.