State of the nation: South Africa 2003-2004

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This book draws on a long tradition of critical, analytical scholarship to provide an important contribution to our understanding of South Africa at this moment in history. First in a series by leading South African intellectuals on the state of post-apartheid South Africa, this volume provides: (a) insightful analysis of post-apartheid polity, the state of the state, its political parties and wider civil society; (b) an in-depth look at the complex issues of employment, unemployment and the changing nature of trade unionism; (c) detailed examinations of aspects of the social environment such as race relations, land reform and education; and (d) informed assessments of South Africa's relations with Africa and the wider world including the increasing South Africanisation of the African economy. Within each focal area, the authors reflect on the inherited apartheid legacy, review the policy and other initiatives introduced to overcome that legacy and then dissect the impact of these initiatives.