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Alcohol consumption among HIV-positive pregnant women in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: prevalence and correlates

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2014 The City of Johannesburg (COJ) economic overview 2013: a review of the state of the city's economy and other key indicators

This City of Johannesburg's (CoJ) economic overview presents a review of the state of the city's economy at August 2013. The review was base...

2013 Editorial: resurgent African cities?

There is a welcome new narrative about Africa as a continent on the move and verging on economic take-off. The old assumptions of political...

2013 Towards sustainable cities: extending resilience with insights from vulnerability and transition theory

Cities at all stages of development need to provide jobs, food and services for their people. There is no formula that can unilaterally be a...

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2013 Transforming South Africa's divided cities: can devolution help?

Little progress has been made since 1994 to alter the fragmented structure of South African cities and to create more liveable, functional a...