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Alcohol consumption among HIV-positive pregnant women in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: prevalence and correlates

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Research outputs: DRUG ABUSE

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2015 Monitoring alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse trends in South Africa (July 1996 - December 2014), Phase 37

Established in 1996, SACENDU is a network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers from various sentinel areas in South Africa. Up un...

2014 Monitoring alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse treatment admissions in South Africa: July-December 2013: Phase 35: SACENDU report back meetings

This report contains detailed data from specialist substance abuse treatment centres in six sites that now comprise the South African Commun...

2013 The severity of violence against women by intimate partners and associations with perpetrator alcohol and drug use in the Vhembe district, South Africa

Substance use is cited as a major contributing factor to intimate partner violence in South Africa. The aim of the study was to assess the a...

2012 A bottle and a bag of weed: substance abuse trends in KwaZulu-Natal

An alcohol and other drug (AOD) surveillance system shows a significant increase in the number of young black people seeking treatment for s...

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