Research outputs

Access is provided to research outputs generated by HSRC researchers since 2000. All research outputs are provided free of charge to the public, with the exception of confidential reports. Where possible the full-text is provided for immediate download. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of an output which is not immediately available for download, please contact the Digital Curation Team at

HSRC Repository

The HSRC Institutional Repository is an important tool that the HSRC utilises to preserve and disseminate its documents. Different types of publications including scholarly research outputs are collected, preserved and distributed in a digital format.

Research data

The HSRC Research Data Service provides a digital repository of the HSRC's research data in support of evidence-based human and social development.

Research outputs: HOUSING

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2021 The location of social housing in Cape Town: separating fact from fiction

The clash over what constitutes the 'inner-city' of Cape Town exemplifies a crucial fact about social housing: It is all about location. Soc...

2020 South Africa's policies of lip-service disrespect people with disabilities

Like all fellow South Africans, we as disabled persons welcomed South Africa's 1996 Constitution and subsequent legislation, including the B...

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2020 Social housing and spatial inequality in South African cities

Social housing is a powerful tool to integrate divided cities by providing decent rental accommodation for low- and moderate-income working ...