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Alcohol consumption among HIV-positive pregnant women in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: prevalence and correlates

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Research outputs: LIMPOPO PROVINCE

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2009 Limpopo Integrated Innovation Strategy (LIIS)

This paper aims at identifying a way for Limpopo province to harness the power of innovation to meet its economic and social development goa...

2008 Can SA lay claim to a 'sanitary revolution'?

The South African government has committed itself to wiping out the country's water and sanitation backlogs. Much progress has been made sin...

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2008 Experience of abuse among women in a rural subdistrict of Limpopo province, South Africa

An exploratory study was conducted to determine the experience of abuse among women in a rural subdistrict of Limpopo Province, South Africa...

2008 Turning 'learning to read' into 'reading to learn': conclusions from a Limpopo literacy study

Learner achievement levels are low in South Africa. Concerns are based on the well-documented findings from systemic evaluations at the grad...