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Alcohol consumption among HIV-positive pregnant women in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: prevalence and correlates

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2006 Employment and income distribution experiences of minerals exporters and of countries achieving growth acceleration: executive summary

Successfully diminishing a country's minerals dependency is one challenge and achieving a growth take-off is a different one, even though in...

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2005 Self-directed work teams in a post-apartheid gold mine: perspectives from the rockface

This chapter examines an attempt to develop a 'new mine worker' for a new workplace culture in a South African gold mine. The chapter sugge...

2005 Resource-based technology innovation in South Africa: mines and medicine: Lodox low-dosage x-ray

The first section describes the events that led to the appearance of Lodox in US emergency rooms. It highlights critical factors that impact...

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2005 Resource-based technology innovation in South Africa: Gunric and RGR valves

Historically, valves have been sourced from European producers, especially German firms. This reflects industrial capabilities, coupled with...

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