The public education sector and HIV/AIDS

SOURCE: HIV/AIDS and society in South Africa
OUTPUT TYPE: Chapter in Monograph
TITLE AUTHOR(S): K.Peltzer, S.Ramlagan, O.Shisana, C.Connolly, K.Zuma
SOURCE EDITOR(S): A.Ndinga-Muvumba, R.Pharoah
DEPARTMENT: Social Aspects of Public Health (SAPH)
Print: HSRC Library: shelf number 5412

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There has been growing attention to the issue of HIV/AIDS and its potential impact on education. A number of research projects have provided a very gloomy picture. The relationship between AIDS and the education sector is circular - as the epidemic worsens, the education sector is damaged, which in turn is likely to increase the incidence of HIV transmission. There are numerous ways in which AIDS can affect education, but equally there are many ways in which education can contribute to controlling AIDS. The extent to which schools and other educational institutions are able to continue functioning will influence how well and how quickly societies will eventually recover from the HIV/AIDS epidemic.