Laying the BRICS of a new global order: from Yekaterinburg 2009 to Ethekweni 2013

OUTPUT TYPE: Monograph (Book)
TITLE EDITOR(S): F.A.Kornegay, N.Bohler-Muller
DEPARTMENT: Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery (DGSD)
Print: HSRC Library: shelf number 7904

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Laying The BRICS of a New Global Order: Yekaterinburg 2009 to eThekwini 2013, was inspired by the launching of South Africa's membership in this grouping in 2011 at the 3rd BRICS think-tank symposium, convened in Beijing. The main idea behind this work was to bring together as many scholars from the five countries as possible to provide personal perspectives and reflections not just on BRICS but on political and economic dynamics in their countries. In putting together this edited collection, BRICS was conceived of as more a point-of-departure for gleaning wider insights into the internal and external dynamics animating each country's national domestic and geopolitical-economic agendas as well as a collective actor in its own right.