Your hate won't change us!: resisting homophobic and transphobic violence as forms of patriarchal social control

OUTPUT TYPE: Research report- other
TITLE AUTHOR(S): P.W.Y.Lee, I.Lynch, M.Clayton
Print: HSRC Library: shelf number 8451

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This report first highlights some recent cases of hate crimes against LGBTI persons and then examines the broken promise of LGBTI human rights protection under the Constitution, international law and domestic policy. The daily lived realities of homophobic and transphobic violence against LGBTI persons present a stark contrast with the impressive legal framework of rights protections. We argue that in order to transform LGBTI legal rights into a social reality, there must be, at the very least, improved services to facilitate access to justice for survivors and victims, the enactment and proper implementation of hate crimes legislation, and strengthened support for LGBTI community based empowerment. This report concludes with recommendations on how to advance LGBTI human rights for South African governmental bodies, NGOs, community organisations and everyone.