Comprehensive report: a research framework on gender and socio-cultural inclusion in global change research

OUTPUT TYPE: Research report- client
TITLE AUTHOR(S): E.Rasekoala, H.Hudson, C.T.Hirtenfelder, D.Shober, D.Sega, L.Gittings, L.Vincent, M.Mujuru, O.Bialostocka, P.Lukhelo-Olorunju, R.M.Achieng, S.Nkosi, S.Mutanga, T.Runhare, T.Moyo, T.Gumbo, V.Mjimba
DEPARTMENT: African Institute of South Africa (AISA)
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Print: HSRC Library: shelf number 8790

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This Report is the product of a project attempting to design a framework which would better enable the mainstreaming of gender and socio-cultural components in research on any global change phenomenon. It is our hope that this is only the beginning of a much bigger project and we are currently working to secure further funding to make this vision a reality. This Comprehensive Report builds on the Preliminary Report: The Development of a Research Framework on Gender and Socio-Cultural Inclusion in Global Change Research which was an accumulation of ideas garnered from the Research Reference Group Meeting which took place in August 2014 (p. 6). This early report focused on the initial development of the conceptual outline and framework for this project. It included an introduction to the lack of gendered consideration in global change research an explanation of the presentations made at the Research Reference Group Meeting, as well as the first designs of the framework and why we envisioned particular concepts to be of significance in any global change research seeking to better mainstream sociocultural matters.