Innovation at the intersection of alcohol and HIV research

SOURCE: AIDS and Behavior
OUTPUT TYPE: Journal Article
TITLE AUTHOR(S): A.Van Heerden, M.Tomlinson, S.Skeen, C.Parry, K.Bryant, M.J.Rotherum-Borus
DEPARTMENT: Human and Social Development (HSD)
Print: HSRC Library: shelf number 10113

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Working in an interdisciplinary manner at the crossroads of alcohol and HIV research is a challenge. This paper presents six novel approaches that could be applied to activities at the intersection of alcohol and HIV. These approaches are (i) address the fact that the availability of new technology is unevenly distributed around the world, (ii) use technology to move beyond both paper and digital surveys, (iii) introduce a focus on advocacy and partnerships with large technology companies, (iv) harness technological innovation to utilise digital counselling, (v) explore the use of virtual reality in both research and delivering interventions, and (vi) consider alternative funding models to those currently in existence to improve efficiencies and innovations. Aiming to understand the interplay of alcohol and HIV will require creativity. The six approaches outlines in this paper provide possible directions from which new approaches may emerge.