Temples of millions of years in light of older architectural models: Hatshepsut's DSR-DSRW as the temple of rebirth of the divine K3

OUTPUT TYPE: Monograph (Book)
TITLE AUTHOR(S): O.Bialostocka
DEPARTMENT: African Institute of South Africa (AISA)
Print: HSRC Library: shelf number 10444

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The purpose of this book was to guarantee the regeneration of the king's divine aspect, known as the k3, by securing its participation in the rituals held for the gods. The aim of this research is to describe the object and nature of the cult celebrated in the temples of millions of years by studying the formal background as well as the theological and ideological conditions surrounding the conception of these structures. Analysis of the evolution of sacred architecture from the early dynastic period onwards reveals a variety of temple layouts and levels of meaning which must have influenced the shape and functions of the temples of millions of years.