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Partnership in Action: University-school-community

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Volume editors:    Patti Silbert, Roshan Galvaan and Jonathan Clark
Pub month and year: October 2018
ISBN soft cover:    978-0-7969-2469-8
ISBN (pdf):    978-0-7969-2466-7
Format:    NC (240 x 168)
Extent:    272
Cover designed by:    Carmen Schaefer

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About the book
Partnerships in Action explores, at multiple levels, a university–school–community partnership in action. The chapters provide rich and dynamic accounts of the activities that make up this partnership, within a context of extreme social inequality. The contributors share an enduring commitment to whole-school improvement. They describe how, through interdisciplinary collaboration, they negotiate the multiple political, social and structural complexities that arise in the coming together of the partners.

The book combines practical implementation with sound theoretical scholarship from a range of disciplines. It offers new insights to all students, stakeholders, academic staff and social researchers, in universities, education departments and NGOs, and stimulates an interest in building social justice.

“Compelling and thought-provoking, this book makes an enormous contribution to the literature on community-engaged scholarship and school–university partnerships. In particular, their collaborative approach to engaged scholarship is one I have seldom seen articulated so clearly and with such authenticity.” - Janice McMillan, Director: UCT Global Citizenship programme

“The reflections on the interdisciplinary collaboration between the students from different disciplinary backgrounds, and between the students and the school communities offer significant new theoretical and practical insights into collaborative community development practice.” - Judy Favish, Director: UCT Institutional Planning (2003–2016)

Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century

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Author: Kehinde Andrews
Pub month and year:    September 2018
ISBN soft cover:    978-1-928246-24-4
Publisher:    BestRed
Format:    216 x 135
Extent: 360
Rights:    World Rights

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About the book
Back to Black traces the long and eminent history of black radical politics. Born out of resistance to slavery and colonialism, its rich past encompasses figures such as Marcus Garvey, Angela Davis, the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter activists of today. At its core it argues that racism is inexorably embedded in the fabric of society, and that it can never be overcome unless by enacting change outside this suffocating system. This is an appeal to reclaim black radicalism, a movement that has been diluted and moderated over time, wilfully misrepresented and caricatured by others, and divested of its potency and potential for global change.

Kehinde Andrews explores the roots of this tradition, and connects the dots to today’s struggles by showing what renewed politics of black radicalism might look like in the 21st  century.

“A fiery, in-depth investigation of black radicalism and a call for a more revolutionary, liberated society across the globe.” - Foreword Reviews

“For debates about global inequality and injustice to progress, we need writers like Kehinde Andrews. . . . We can only hope Back to Black will inspire many more radical thinkers.” - New Statesman

“Andrews takes the concepts that underpin so much of our woolly, contemporary talk about blackness, structural racism, pan- Africanism and – most of all – radicalism, and does the hard, essential work of re-inserting meaning and critique into the debate. An unflinching and authentic contribution.” - Afua Hirsch, author of Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging

“Andrews pulls no punches. His concept of black radicalism is raw and powerful. This book is sure to provoke, and will gain him adversaries – both black and white – because of the home truths it exposes.” - Femi Nylander, activist and an organiser of Rhodes Must Fall

Taxing Africa: Coercion, Reform and Development

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Authors:    Mick Moore, Wilson Prichard and Odd-Helge Fjeldstad
Pub month and year:  October 2018
ISBN soft cover: 978-1-928246-21-3
Publisher: BestRed
Format:   (B-Format) 288
  155.6 x 236mm
Rights:    World Rights

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About the book
It has long been debated whether Africa’s lack of growth is best explained by the continent’s exploitation in the global system, or by the failures of domestic political leadership. International campaigns highlight the ways in which the global economic system undermines Africa’s tax collection through tax havens and evasion by multinational firms and wealthy individuals.

Meanwhile, other research has focused on domestic barriers to effective taxation, rooted in corruption and the unwillingness or inability of political leaders to take necessary action.

Written by leading international experts, Taxing Africa moves beyond this polarising debate.  The authors argue that substantial cultural and political change must come from within African countries themselves. From tackling the collusion of elites with international corporations to enhancing local democratic governance, the book examines the potential for reform and how it may become a springboard for broader development gains.


“The authors apply their extensive practical experience and analytical acumen to provide a level-headed and accessible account of the key tax challenges (and opportunities) that the continent faces – as well as suggesting ways ahead.” - Michael Keen, Deputy Director of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department

“An accessible and comprehensive introduction to the historical, political and economic context of taxation in African countries. It will help launch any student or professional venturing into the field of tax systems in these developing and emerging economies.” - Graham Glenday, Duke Center for International Development, Duke University

“This incisive book, by well-known tax and development experts, reveals the successes and failures, challenges and opportunities of taxation in Africa. Recommended reading for every finance and treasury official in Africa and beyond.” - Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, former Managing Director of the World Bank