Impact of the journal Regional Studies

The impact factor for the Regional Studies journal, of which Professor Ivan Turok, acting executive director of the HSRC’s Economic Performance and Development research programme, is the editor-in-chief, has increased to 2 068.

Regional Studies is a leading international journal in theoretical development, empirical analysis and policy debate in the multi- and interdisciplinary field of regional studies. The journal invites established and upcoming scholars to submit agenda-setting work focusing on economic, environmental, political, and social change aspects of regional (subnational) development and policy making.

The journal is a central forum for debating the most recent results from research on regional development and policy making from an interdisciplinary perspective.

This increased impact factor means that Regional Studies is now in position 12 of the 76 journals reviewed in geography (up two positions from 2014), in position 23 of 100 journals reviewed in environmental studies (up two positions from 2014), and in position 41 of 333 journals reviewed in economics (up 14 positions from 2014).