SA website for trends in mathematics and science

In May 2015, the HSRC’s Education and Skills Development (ESD) programme launched a website for the South African Trends in International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS SA). TIMSS is undertaken in more than 60 education systems around the world. South Africa has participated in four TIMSS studies at the Grade 8 or 9 levels over the past 20 years.

The aim of the TIMSS SA website is to highlight important education research being undertaken in South Africa, particularly in relation to school-level mathematics and science. The website also provides up-to-date information about the South African component of TIMSS, and will contribute to the discussion around critical education issues.

The website includes the latest publications based on TIMSS data, such as the recent national publication, Beyond Benchmarks: What 20 years of TIMSS data tell us about South African Education, as well as a series of policy briefs that addresses a range of issues, including gender equity, school safety, school leadership and learners’ attitudes to science.

Fast facts on the key findings from each round of TIMSS at the Grade 9 level in South Africa are also provided, and a monthly blog will stimulate discussion around important issues in education. In addition to TIMSS-related information, the website includes links to other research on education within ESD.

In conjunction with the website, a monthly newsletter highlights new TIMSS-related publications and provides links to interesting information on the site as well as to the latest blog posts.

The TIMSS SA website can be found at: