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Ethical quandaries in social research

Author:    Deborah Posel and Fiona Ross

Pub month & year:  January 2015

ISBN soft cover:    978-0-7969-2489-6

Format:    210 x 148 mm

Extent:    320 pages

Price:    R270.00 | $25.95 | €21.00

Rights:    World Rights

About the book

The book opens up a space of frank discussion about the often unsettling, messy realities of ethical decision making in the thick of social research. All the contributors write in the first person about personal experiences of research. They expose tensions within professional codes of ethics, as well as a range of dilemmas that arose when personal ethical convictions jostled with disciplinary and institutional ethical imperatives. The book is unique in spanning a range of research scenarios, qualitative and quantitative, across different disciplines, fields of study and institutional settings.

The book will be of interest to all social researchers – in universities, NGOs and other applied milieu – working in fields of research structured by hierarchies of difference and conditions of inequality.


1.    Opening up the quandaries of research ethics: beyond the formalities of institutional ethical review. Deborah Posel and Fiona Ross

2.    Layers of watching and protection in research with children. Rachel Bray

3.    The cost of action: Large-scale, longitudinal quantitative research with AIDS-affected children in South Africa. Lucie Cluver et al

4.    Who benefits from research? Ethical dilemmas in compensation in anthropology and public health.

Christopher Colvin

5.    Staying silent when we should speak up: Informed consent and the interface between ethics as regulation and ethics in practice. Jantina de Vries and Lesley Henley
6.    Transnational excursions: The ethics of northern anthropological investigations going south. Leslie London and Helen McDonald

7.    My best participants’ informed consent. Zethu Matebeni

8.    Friends in the field. Sakhumzi Mfecane

9.    Ethical quandaries in empirical, socio-legal research. Sindiso Mnisi Weeks

10.    In depth, out of my depth: Research and care in the field of HIV/AIDS research. Deborah Posel

11.    Ethical entailments: Publics and responsibilities in social research. Fiona Ross and Jennifer Grant

12.    Writing psychotherapy. Sally Swartz

13.    The ethics of distaste in the field. Ilana van Wyk

14.    When knowledge turns to evidence and silence won’t do. Anna Versfeld

15.    Real friends and fake friends: Research relationships in an era of global social media. Marion Walton and Silke Hassreiter

16.    The weight of a photographer’s ‘value backpack’: An interview with Paul Weinberg. Paul Weinberg, Deborah Posel and Fiona Ross

Voices of Liberation
Frantz Fanon

Author:    leo Zeilig Forward by Mireille


Pub month & year:  October 2014

ISBN soft cover:    978-0-7969-2485-8

Format:    210 x 148 mm

Extent:    328 pages

Price:    R270.00 TBC

Rights:    World Rights

About the book

Unique from his contemporaries, Frantz Fanon examined the dangers of post-colonial power. His monumental contribution was posing questions and explaining the ‘curse’, which national liberation would become for the developing world. Voices of Liberation: Frantz Fanon gives insight into the extraordinary thought and ideas of the man hailed as the 20th century’s most important revolutionary. The book includes a gripping view on his life, the period he lived in and a selection of his work; also interviews with those who fought with him in the struggle against French colonialism in Algeria and Tunisia. Fanon’s daughter, Mireille Fanon, has written the Foreword to Voices of Liberation: Frantz Fanon, where she explains the continued importance of her father’s writings and politics. Dan Watts, editor of the radical newspaper Liberator, in 1967 described Fanon’s influence on the revolt of black America:
‘You’re going along thinking all the brothers in these riots are old winos. Nothing could be further from the truth. These cats are ready to die for something. And they know why. They all read. Read a lot. Not one of them hasn’t read the Bible... Fanon... You’d better get this book. Every brother on a rooftop can quote Fanon.’

The Voices of Liberation series celebrates the lives and writings of African Liberation activists and heroes. By providing access to the thoughts and writings of some of the many men and women who fought for the dismantling of apartheid, this series invites the contemporary reader to engage directly with the rich history of the struggle for democracy, to discover where we come from and to explore how we, too, can choose to shape our destiny.





His Life

His Voice

His Legacy