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The Fabric of Dissent: Public intellectuals in South Africa

Authors: Vasu Reddy; Narnia Bohler-Muller; Gregory Houston; Maxi Schoeman; Heather Thuynsma

Cover design: Lauren Gormley

Publication: January 2021

ISBN (soft cover): 978-1-928246-40-4

Format: 176mm x 250mm

Extent: 488pp

About the book

Who or what is a public intellectual and how are they created? What is the role of the public intellectual in social, cultural, political and academic contexts? What are the kinds of questions they raise? What compels intellectuals to put forward their ideas? 

The Fabric of Dissent: Public Intellectuals in South Africa is a pioneering volume, representing a rich tapestry of South Africans who were able to rise beyond narrow formulations of identity into a larger sense of what it means to be human. Each brief portrait provides readers with an opportunity to consider the context, influences and unique tensions that shaped the people assembled here. In its entirety, the book showcases an astonishing array of achievements and bears testimony to the deep imprint of these public intellectuals. As South Africans continue to grapple with their past, present and future, it is clear that the insights of these remarkable people into reimagining an inclusive society continue to be relevant today.

Author contact details: 

Prof Vasu Reddy vasu.reddy@up.ac.za

Prof Narnia Bohler-Muller nbohlermuller@hsrc.ac.za

Dr Gregory Houston ghouston@hsrc.ac.za

Prof Maxi Schoeman maxi.schoeman@up.ac.za 

Heather Thuynsma heather.thuynsma@up.ac.za

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Hack with a Grenade: An editor's backstories of SA news

Author: Gasant Abarder

Cover design: Malick Abarder

Cover illustration: Dayaan Abarder

Publication: November 2020

ISBN (soft cover): 978-1-928246-38-1

Format: 210mm x 148mm

Extent: 192pp

About the book

Hack with a Grenade: An Editor’s Backstories of SA News is a newspaper editor’s perspective on the characters that shape South Africa’s psyche. The author, Gasant Abarder, is a journalist who worked in print, radio and television newsrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg for 21 years. Along the way, he encountered homeless people, reformed prison gangsters, struggle heroes, artists and sports personalities. In Hack with a Grenade, Abarder uses the stories of these characters to provide social commentary on issues like religion, prejudice and injustice – all with a healthy dose of humour. It is a book about journalism but also about South African life. It is also a social commentary that begins to strip away our prejudices as South Africans and to shine a light on our common humanity.

Author contact details: 

Gasant Abarder gasantabarder@gmail.com