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Voices of Liberation
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This series celebrates the lives and writings of South African and African liberation activists and heroes. The human, social and literary contexts presented in this series have a critical resonance and bearing on where we come from, who we are and how we can choose to shape our destiny.

The Voices of Liberation series ensures that the debates and values that shaped the liberation movement are not lost. The series offers a unique combination of biographical information with selections from original speeches, interviews and writings in each volume. By providing access to the thoughts and writings of some of the many men and women who fought for the dismantling of apartheid, colonialism and capitalism, this series invites the contemporary reader to engage directly with the rich history of the struggle for democracy and the restoration of our own identity. The title of the series has been carefully chosen as it speaks to its purpose, which is not only to make a particular voice resonate but to strengthen the voices from the South and Africa in particular.

Voices of Liberation: Steve Biko

Author: Derek Hook

ISBN: 978-7969-2431-5

Steve Bantu Biko is an icon of the liberation struggle whose voice and actions continue to contribute to the shaping of our national discourse on identity, culture and values. The HSRC Press views Voices of Liberation: Steve Biko as an extremely important contribution to the series, not least because Biko represents the importance of dialogue as well as the necessary foregrounding of the relationship between identity, agency, citizenship and social action. Steve Biko believed in restoring people to their humanity: the need is now perhaps greater than ever before to hear his voice loudly and clearly.

Voices of Liberation: Chris Hani

Authors: Gregory Houston and James Ngcula

ISBN: 978-7969-2443-8

Chris Hani was a key figure in the South African liberation struggle, yet little has been written about this enigmatic leader of the SACP and Chief of Staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK). The year 2013 marks the 20-year anniversary of Hani’s assassination and the HSRC Press views the publication of this book as extremely important, not only to commemorate his death but to highlight the principles and values for which he stood. Despite being Chief of Staff of MK, Chris Hani was prepared to support the cessation of the armed struggle in the interests of the negotiations which would ultimately benefit the country as a whole.