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A rogue reporter vs the American elite

Author:     Matt Kennard
Pub month and year:     September 2016
ISBN soft cover:     978-1-9282-4609-1
Format:     198 x 129 mm
Extent:    416 pages
Rights:     Southern African rights [Zed Books]

About the book
The rhetoric of ‘freedom and democracy for all’ has become almost synonymous with the US. However, at home its business elites have enslaved the poor and underclasses and further afield, while masquerading as a force for good in the world, the US has enslaved much of humanity in the name of progress.

In this controversial book, investigative journalist Matt Kennard takes us deep into the dark heart of American power. From the corporate state, the prison state and the state of the environment, to humanitarian intervention, the free trade fetish and the divide-and-rule of the working class, The Racket reveals how, no matter which side of the border we are on, we are all being conditioned to condone this modern form of slavery.

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The Tourist Valorisation of Urban Poverty

Author:     Fabian Frenzel
Pub month and year:     July 2016
ISBN soft cover:     978-1-9282-4608-4
Format:     198 x 129 mm
Extent:    232 pages
Rights:     Southern African rights [Zed Books]

About the book
Have slums become ‘cool’? More and more tourists from across the globe seem to think so as they discover favelas, ghettos, townships and barrios on leisurely visits. But while slum tourism often evokes moral outrage, critics rarely ask about what motivates this tourism, or what wider consequences and effects it initiates. In this provocative book, Fabian Frenzel investigates the attraction that slums have for their better-off visitors, looking at the many ways in which this curious form of attraction ignites changes both in the slums themselves and on the world stage.

Covering slums ranging from Rio de Janeiro to Bangkok, and multiple cities in South Africa, Kenya and India, Slumming It examines the roots and consequences of a growing phenomenon whose effects have ranged from gentrification and urban policy reform to the organisation of international development and poverty alleviation. Controversially, Frenzel argues that the rise of slum tourism has drawn attention to important global justice issues, and is far more complex than was initially acknowledged.
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The History of South African Cricket Retold
Volume 1, 1795–1914

Author:     A. Odendaal, K. Reddy, C. Merrett and J. Winch
Pub month and year:     October 2016
ISBN soft cover:     978-1-9282-4613-8
Format:     235 x 168 mm
Extent:    536 pages
Rights:     World rights

About the book
The first of its kind for any sport in South Africa: a cricket love story of epic dimensions with details which will blow readers away. Cricket & Conquest goes back to the beginnings 221 years ago and fundamentally revises long-established foundational narratives of early South African cricket. It reaches beyond old whites-only mainstream histories to integrate at every stage and in every region the experiences of black and women cricketers.

A purely British military game at first, cricket accompanied the process of colonial conquest every step of the way in the nineteenth century. This book and its companion volumes explain how racism came to be built into the very fabric of cricket’s ‘culture’ and ‘traditions’, and how it was uncannily tied to the broader historical processes that shaped South Africa. The unique experiences of our different cricket communities are described in ways that have not been done before. The exhaustive research and inter-connections highlighted here make this a COMPLETELY NEW general history of South African cricket.

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Crossing the lines

Author:     Linda Cooper and Alan Ralphs
Pub month and year:     September 2016
ISBN soft cover:     978-0-7969-2522-0
Format:     240 x 168mm
Extent:    176 pages
Rights:     World rights

About the book
Internationally, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) has become a standard component of education policy reforms aimed at meeting the requirements of a globalised labour market on the one hand, while responding to demands for widening access to further and higher education on the other. However, despite the promises of RPL to enable ‘optimal inclusion’, this ideal is not easily realised in practice.

Drawing on case study research of RPL practices in four different contexts in South Africa, RPL as Specialised Pedagogy: Crossing the Lines offers a novel theoretical framework for understanding RPL not simply as an assessment practice, but as a specialised pedagogy for navigating knowledge boundaries across different contexts. The book develops a conceptual language for describing what is common and distinctive about RPL practices across different sites and contexts, thus providing a unique contribution to a field that has traditionally been under-theorised. RPL as Specialised Pedagogy will be of significant interest to RPL practitioners and educators, to researchers and students in the field, and to policy researchers and policy makers.

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Author:     Kopano Ratele
Pub month and year:     October 2016
ISBN soft cover:     978-0-7969-2521-3
Format:     235 x 168mm
Extent:    192 pages
Rights:     World rights

About the book
Covering a range of topics, from clothes and violent death, through a better sexual life and tradition, to race and feminism, Liberating Masculinities presents ways to understand the contestations around masculinity and gender relations. Kopano Ratele offers both theoretically rich and psychologically insightful analyses to liberate men, as well as those who are involved in the making of men, from oppressive and injurious models of masculinity.

Kopano Ratele’s Liberating Masculinities is a book of strengths. It combines theoretical sophistication and political engagement with a deceptively easy accessibility. It has a firm Black, African and South African location, whilst looking outwards to the world. And it rehabilitates the question of liberation within the politics of men and masculinities, and away from the notorious largely US ‘men’s liberation’. I warmly recommend the book.

Jeff Hearn, professor, Örebro University, Sweden; Hanken School of Economics, Finland; University of Huddersfield, UK; author of Men of the World.

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