June 2008

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Volume 6 - No 2

HSRC Review - June 2008

RACIAL REDRESS IN SCHOOLS Case studies of five Gauteng schools

Message from the CEO
New HSRC Staff
News Roundup
Traditional male circumcision remains a dangerous business
Being good in a bad world: What's ‘moral' for township youth?
Age of hope or anxiety? The dynamics of fear of crime in South Africa
Not a playing nation
Uprooting bad mathematical performance: Pilot study into roots of problems
Racial redress means different things for different schools: Case studies of five Gauteng schools
The Early Years: Building the foundation for child well-being
South Africa needs non-racialism, not Zionism
Is there value for money in public sector delivery?
The ‘mystification of capital’: Legal title for the low-income housing market
Xenophobia and school history textbooks
Reviewing the Question
New HSRC Publications
Production credits