November 2010

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Volume 8 - No 4

HSRC Review - November 2010

FACING THE NATION South Africa’s most important challenges


The CEO notes
New HSRC Staff
News Roundup
FOOD BUYING PATTERNS in rural Eastern Cape and Limpopo
COHESION, the CONSTITUTION, and LIFE in post-apartheid South Africa
FACING THE NATION South Africa's most important challenges
Local is lekker: Indigenous knowledge should be encouraged
Doctors in the public service TOO FEW FOR TOO MANY
Towards a MULTI-LEVELl developmental state
RACE, CLASS AND HOUSING in post-apartheid Cape Town
STUMBLING BLOCKS on the road to social science research
ENGAGING the industry innovation in South Africa's motor manufacturing sector
Controlling HIV/AIDS in II Ngwesi, Kenya
LIPSTICK & HIV/AIDS prevention
In SICKNESS and in HEALTH Supporting couples to support each other
New HSRC Publications
Production credits