September 2011

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Volume 9 - No 3

HSRC Review - September 2011

LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE investing in our children's future


The CEO Notes
New HSRC Staff
News Roundup
How DIVERSE are our DIETS?
What's in the lunchbox?
LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER Do perceptions run in the family
PRIDE and PREJUDICE Gay men who are HIV-positive fear 'double discrimination'
Devil makes work for idle hands
Striking a balance between the old and the new
Orphans and vulnerable children Service provision in Lesotho
The HSRC and open access to scholarly journal articles
In conversation with Udesh Pillay Rethinking the role of state-owned enterprises
SAFE SNIPPING Medical vs traditional circumcision: changing risky
The 3Rs Project Improving the quality of education: the literacy and numeracy challenge
Enhancing teaching and learning in schools through assessment: challenges and possibilities
Making the grade
Testing, testing First national assessment of Grade 9 pupils shows much work lies ahead
Basic condition of schooling
Education, development and support for multigrade teachers
Mobilising communities
Improving the effectiveness of our schools
Teachers' mathematical knowledge
Interactive journals
Learning and language: Home, school and community
Teaching maths and science in isiXhosa
New HSRC Publications
Production credits