Vaka Yiko

The Vaka Yiko consortium is working in South Africa (Human Sciences Research Council) Ghana and Zimbabwe in collaboration with the ODI (UK) and INASP (UK) to build local capacity for the use of research evidence in policy making. The HSRC led project focuses on the ‘demand’ side of research evidence by policymakers and will adapt a tool-kit for use with key stakeholders in the South African context.

The informing principle and premise for the consortium’s project is that there are three essential components for good evidence-based policymaking processes to be embedded within government departments: a cadre of individual policymakers who have the skills and capacity to use evidence, a suite of organisational tools and processes that enable teams and organisations to process the evidence effectively and efficiently, and an environment that encourages the use of evidence. Only if all three factors are present would there be sufficient demand throughout the policymaking ‘system’ for the systematic and rigorous use of research evidence to begin to become part of normal practice.

The consortium as a whole is working on all three areas, but the South African component of Vaka Yiko is focusing on the second area: the organisational tools and processes for sourcing, handling and using evidence within government departments.

Contact details for HSRC (BCURE) project:
Dr Temba Masilela Tel: +27 12 302 2080
Mr Julian Jacobs Tel: +27 21 466 7948 Cell: +27 82 454 4902