Ms Alicia Edith North

DEPARTMENT: Human and Social Capabilities (HSC)
TELEPHONE: 021 466 7954

Ms North is a research specialist in the Identity and Belonging unit in the Human and Social Capabilities Division at the Human Sciences Research Council. She holds an MA in Research Psychology at the University of the Western Cape. Before joining the HSRC in July 2007/01, she was a senior research technologist at the South African Medical Research Council (Cape Town). She has gained a knowledge base and worked in the following areas of research: intervention mapping, gender mainstreaming, HIV surveillance, orphaned and vulnerable children, substance use and abuse, and tobacco control and harm minimisation. Over the past 15 years she has participated in numerous research studies including being one of the project directors on five of the largest (national) HIV surveillance studies conducted by the HSRC.


Her areas of research interest include: disability, adolescent development - with special emphasis on risk-taking behaviour and how this relates to HIV and AIDS, HIV surveillance, mental health and orphaned and vulnerable children. She has authored and co-authored various research reports and journal articles on the areas of research mentioned above.