Ms Karabo Karabo Nyezi

DEPARTMENT: Inclusive Economic Development (IED)
TELEPHONE: 012 302 2505

Ms Karabo Nyezi is a Research Assistant in the Inclusive Economic Development (IED) research programme at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). She joined the HSRC in 2019. Ms Nyezi?s main research interests are Human Development issues as applied to the South African economy with a focus on skills development.

Karabo holds a BCom Honours in Economics from the University of South Africa, which she completed in 2019, she is currently completing a MCom in Economics from the same university. She also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management from UNISA and a BAdmin from Boston College. Karabo spent most of her career in corporate sector research, specifically in actuarial product development and it is the enjoyment of developing investment products that are practical for the general public that led her to pursue her postgraduate studies.