Dr Charlotte Charlotte Nunes

DEPARTMENT: Inclusive Economic Development (IED)
TELEPHONE: 012 302 2337
EMAIL: CNunes@hsrc.ac.za

Dr Charlotte Nunes is a Research Specialist within the Inclusive Economic Development (IED) division at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). She joined the HSRC in November 2006, as a Programme Administrator. Upon obtaining her PhD in 2010, she was moved from the position of Administrator to that of a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Her research interests include social and behavioural studies related to HIV and AIDS; African culture and traditional practices; orphans and other vulnerable children and inclusive education. Dr Nunes is well versed in qualitative approaches to research.

She holds a PhD in Education Management, Law and Policy from the University of Pretoria. Her PhD thesis interrogated policy intentions geared to improving the quality of education in South African schools and juxtaposed the intended policy with the lived experiences of primary school orphaned learners. Before joining the HSRC, Dr Nunes worked as a Tertiary Education Linkages Project (TELP) Manager coordinating linkage activities between the former Vista University and the University of Central Florida and Southern University Systems in the USA.

She has published her research work on orphaned children and that of the African extended family structures in the Internal Journal of Inclusive Education and the Children & Society Journal and has presented her research work at conferences. She reviews journal article manuscripts for the International Journal of Inclusive Education. Dr Nunes recently registered for membership of the South African Education Research Association (SAERA).

Dr Nunes has conducted research in primary school education through participation in the Teacher Assessment Resource Monitoring and Improving Instruction in the Foundation Phase (TARMIIfp) project since 2012, and was recently completed. In partnership with the University of Venda, Dr Nunes worked on a project to determine what makes some rural schools successful despite high levels of poverty. She has conducted a qualitative case study to determine contextual factors impacting on teaching and learning in township high schools. In her position as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, she supervised Masters Students in the Postgraduate Social Behavioural Studies in HIV/AIDS programme of the Sociology Department at UNISA. She has also contributed to the report on the 20 Year Review of the Commission for Gender Equality project. Dr Nunes is currently involved in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and is part of the Science Engagement team working on the DST?s Talent Development Programme.