Mr Matthews Matome Makgamatha

DEPARTMENT: Inclusive Economic Development (IED)
TELEPHONE: 012 302 2320

Mr Matthews Makgamatha is a research manager in the Education and Skills Development (ESD) research programme of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). His interests include literacy (reading and writing) development in school-going children, the development of pre-literacy skills in preschool children, evaluation of literacy programmes, language assessment in bi- or multi- lingual (language diverse) schooling contexts, classroom assessment, language item and test development, large-scale testing and assessment and language policy/sociology of language. Makgamatha holds the following degree qualifications from the University of the Witwatersrand: B.Sc., B.Sc. Hons (Applied Psychology) and M.Sc. (Psycholinguistics).

Makgamatha has authored and co-authored several client reports most recently for the Departments of Science and Technology, and Basic Education in South Africa as well as USAID. His selected recent journal publications include: Multilingualism(s) and system-wide assessment: a southern perspective, published in Language and Education; Equitable language practices in large-scale assessment: possibilities and limitations in South Africa, a special issue of the Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies and Challenges in implementing a participatory evaluation approach: A case study of the Limpopo Literacy Teaching Evaluation Project in Education as Change. Makgamatha is a member of the Literacy Association of South Africa (LITASA), Southern African Applied Linguistics Association (SAALA), International Language Testing Association (ILTA), and the International Test Commission (ITC).

Makgamatha is currently working on assessment to support teaching and learning in the classroom; (large-scale) assessment for accountability purposes;, and language in education, related to policy and practice issues.


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