Mr Ndira Mkuzo

DEPARTMENT: Inclusive Economic Development (IED)
TELEPHONE: 021 466 7890

Mr Ndipiwe Mkuzo is a Researcher at the Inclusive Economic Development Unit (IED). His current research interests are in youth identities, placemaking and South African hidden histories. In 2018, Ndipiwe joined the Human Sciences research Council (HSRC), and has since worked on various research projects such as the Access to the City (2018); BCMM Tourism infrastructure plan (2019/2020); as well as the Cultural rights project in partnership with the University of Toulouse and the University of Salvador (2018/2020).

He has worked for the Nelson Mandela Institute for Rural Education and Development (NMI), focusing on foundation phase research in rural Eastern Cape schools, as well as the Fort Hare Institute for Social and Economic Research (FHISER). He is co-founder of the grounding programme/LKA at the University of Fort Hare, the programme was piloted in 2009 and is currently offered to all first year students. Ndipiwe was also part of the originating and first implementing team for South Africa?s Mandela Day national celebrations hosted on Mr Mandela?s birthday each year. This day is dedicated to national service and volunteerism. In 2012 He joined the Fort Hare Institute for Social and Economic Research. Ndipiwe has also worked for the Constitutional literacy and Service Initiative as the organisation?s media coordinator.

Ndipiwe graduated with a bachelor?s degree in Applied Communication management from the University of Fort Hare in 2009, and graduated his Honours degree in Social Sciences in 2010. Whilst at the Nelson Mandela Institute for education and rural development he worked as part of the 1 Goal campaign team during the 2010 world cup. In 2011, He co-founded Siyakhana, a youth-led community based organisation in Mdantsane township aimed at addressing youth unemployment, youth idleness, as well as spearheading the fight against drug abuse and crime. Mr Mkuzo has contributed to several research reports, and is the co-author of two book chapters covering topics related to cultural rights and decoloniality in South Africa.