Ms Natasha Saunders

DEPARTMENT: Center for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (CESTII)
TELEPHONE: 021 466 7886

Ms. Natasha Saunders is an Administrative Officer / Data Capturer within the Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (CeSTII) and performs additional duties as a fieldworker for the Research and Experimental Development survey project. She holds a Diploma in Adult Basic Education and Training from the University of South Africa and is currently completing her final year for her Bachelor's Degree, majoring in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and Communication Science.

Before joining the HSRC Ms. Saunders worked in the Home Loans Division for ABSA bank, and thereafter for a Bond Originator company namely OOBA where she developed her skills in data capturing, service excellence and project management.

Ms. Saunders currently works alongside a team of researchers within CeSTII and manages the Not for Profit sector under the guidance of Ms.

Natalie Vlotman, (Senior Researcher). Her areas of interest include human capacity development and employee wellbeing.


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